Coding Courses
Why learn to code?

Apart from Software Industry, in the near future, most professions will need the ability to understand basic programming. Basic programming skill will be as common as playing a musical instrument or typing.


Your kids can learn How to Code in three months!

Our coding courses are game-based with different themes. They were designed in such a way that your children’s interests and creativity can best be addressed. There are courses for kids of all age groups and computer literacy levels.

The structure of our courses were carefully planned by experienced teachers so the participants can pick up the most useful skills in the shortest possible time, including Project Design, Graphic Design, Logic & Methodology, animation & Sound Effects and many more…


We also focus on 3 C’s which are Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication.

As the students advance to higher levels, they will gain tremendous coding power as well as Problem Solving skills and Computational Thinking.